Short Interview for NYC Textile Week

 "Waste Not, Want Not: FABSCRAP Founder Jessica Schreiber on Reusing and Recycling"


Texworld: Who can benefit from FABSCRAP?

Jessica: For the recyclers, I would like to be able to provide service during both the design and production processes. Hopefully they can redirect all requests for excess fabric to FABSCRAP, which can provide a selection of reusable fabric from numerous companies at once. For the reusers, I would like to not only provide fabric in a sustainable manner, but create stories around the awesome, innovative projects happening in New York City. For both groups, I hope Iā€™m a resource for information and data on commercial textile waste and creating transparency around the current challenges, exploring all potential solutions. In the next few years I would love to develop FABSCRAP in Los Angeles, where there is also a hub of design, manufacturing and artisans.