Discover. Connect. Swap.

Eventually, clothing wears out. It fades, rips, develops holes, or fails to fit us. But more often than not, we simply get bored with the clothes we own. Do you ever think about what happens to your discarded clothes when you’re done with them? Thanks to fast fashion, Americans are throwing away more clothing and textiles than ever before, while continuing to consume at increasing rates. This cycle of rapid consumption and discard results in the constant production of new materials, placing an unsustainable burden on the environment. But it’s not all bad news.

Together, we can break this cycle! Join us on October 4th as we explore various fashion practices that work to extend the lifecycle of clothing and divert textiles from landfill. 

As part of campus sustainability month, you’re invited to a panel discussion with educators and industry professionals who will each bring a unique perspective on ways we can all reduce the impact of textile waste. Perspectives to be explored include zero waste design, textile recycling and reuse, swapping, upcycling, and more. 

The discussion will be followed by an interactive clothing swap where we can all participate in a meaningful exchange of clothing and ideas. To participate, please bring up to three gently loved items of clothing for swapping, and a story to share about at least one of the garments you will swap. (ie: Why did you purchase it? Was it a gift? What is one special memory you have of wearing it?) You will be able to swap as many items as you bring, and in the process will engage in a meaningful discourse about extending the life of clothing and forming emotional connections to our personal belongings. You will also explore your personal fashion habits and will learn how you can do your part to close the fashion loop!

WHEN: Tuesday October 4th 2016, 6-8pm

PANELISTS: Timo Rissanen, Assistant Professor of Fashion Design and Sustainability, Parsons The New School for Design, Jessica Schreiber, founder, FABSCRAP, and Emily Spivack, author, Worn Stories.