New York City residents throw out 200,000 tons of clothing and textiles - every single year. Yikes. But the waste from businesses is at least 40X greater... That's 8 MILLION TONS going to landfill, every time we circle the sun.

Businesses with textile waste - fashion brands, tailors, costume designers, cutting rooms, manufacturers - may find their volumes of textile waste too large for donation to non-profits, but too small for industrial recycling. Both of those options also require the business to do the transportation.

That's a problem.

FABSCRAP is the solution.

FABSCRAP provides convenient pickup and recycling of textiles from businesses in New York City.


FABSCRAP aims to provide convenient, reliable, and responsible diversion of commercial fabric waste. The choice to recycle should be easy and rewarding. Our goal is to create working partnerships to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry. As the first company of its kind, FABSCRAP is focused on pursuing and supporting innovation in textile reuse and recycling. 

Founder Jessica Schreiber has over five years of waste management experience. Before starting FABSCRAP, she managed New York City's clothing and e-waste recycling programs and vendor contracts. She has a Masters from Columbia University in Climate and Society, and degrees in Biological Sciences and Education.