HOW does it work?

  1. CONTACT US - let us know about your fabric recycling needs. Is this a one-time pickup, or will you need regular service?
  2. FILL FABSCRAP BAGS - we will provide reusable bags in two colors: black and beige.
  3. SCHEDULE PICKUP - call, email, or schedule online.

WHAT fabric is accepted?

FABSCRAP will pick up any and all scraps, cuttings, headers, or any other overstock or unused fabric.

WHERE does the fabric go?

BLACK BAGS - should be used for fabric with logos or proprietary patterns that must be destroyed. All material from black bags will be shredded and down-cycled for industrial manufacturing (i.e. felt carpeting used in car trunks, mattress stuffing, insulation).

BEIGE BAGS - should be used for fabric that may be reused or resold. As much as possible, material from beige bags will be up-cycled through creative partnerships (with local designers, students, artisans, and manufacturers) or large quantities may be sold in bulk.

WHY recycle with FABSCRAP?

  1. COMPLY WITH CURRENT AND FUTURE LAWS - in New York City, if 10% or more of your commercial waste is textile material, you are required by law to recycle it. Extended Producer Responsibility policies for textiles are on the horizon.
  2. YOUR CUSTOMERS CARE - Brands that market their sustainability efforts and corporate social responsibility show increased sales.
  3. TRACK SUSTAINABILITY METRICS - FABSCRAP will provide regular and/or on-demand reports enumerating tonnage diverted from landfill and CO2 emissions saved.

HOW much does it cost?

$35/bag, black or beige, at time of pickup. Discounts offered for regularly scheduled pickups.