We come to you! FABSCRAP will pickup your fabric scraps as soon as possible. We aim to create the most efficient routes, so we typically schedule multiple pickups per day. We'll give our best estimate of arrival time.


Please keeps headers and tags attached! It helps us identify the type of fabric. We will remove them - as well as any pins, paper, staples, tape, zippers, and buttons - as we sort the material by fiber content.

*VOLUNTEER TO HELP SORT! As a thank you, volunteers can keep up to 5 pounds of any fabric they like! 


The more the merrier! By working with multiple designers and brands, we can quickly meet the minimum volumes for recycling. We consolidate and store the scraps in bales at our warehouse in Jamaica, Queens.

You and/or your company may be approached by numerous individuals, organizations, or institutions who are interested in receiving unwanted material. Save time by directing all requests to FABSCRAP, which provides access to an even greater selection of material.


RECYCLING: Proprietary material (from Black Bags) and small scraps will shredded to create insulation, carpet padding, furniture lining, moving blankets, etc. Whenever possible FABSCRAP will utilize fiber-to-fiber technologies. We currently sort for 100% cotton, 100% polyester, and 100% wool for this purpose.

Unfortunately, fabric containing Spandex, Lycra, or elastane cannot be recycled. If not reused, this material will be destined for landfill. We will continue to search for an alternative!

REUSE: Students, artists, crafters, quilters, sewers, teachers, and of course, other designers can use any material we collect that is not proprietary. Make an appointment to come to the warehouse to "shop" the scraps. Some larger pieces and Scrap Packs of smaller pieces, organized by color, are sold online through our partner, Queen of Raw.