Prior to launching FABSCRAP, Jessica Schreiber worked for the New York City Department of Sanitation as a Senior Manager in the Bureau of Recycling and Sustainability. She helped launch and then managed the City’s e-waste and clothing recycling contracts, including re-fashioNYC >>, a residential clothing reuse program which recycled over 6 million pounds of clothing, and NYC’s first ever curbside clothing collection pilot.

Before that, Jessica majored in Biology at Arizona State University. In her Junior year, she created a recycling program for her dorm. During a discussion of sustainability, a professor said “scientists find and have answers, but they are terrible at communicating with the rest of us." Jessica immediately added a second major in Education so she could learn to make complex, technical, and mostly abstract topics more accessible, without losing the details and meaning. She continued to study the cross-section of science and communication in grad school, where she received a Master’s degree in Climate and Society from Columbia University.